Gardening In Rainy Season

The rainy season finally came back. You no longer need to worry about groundwater supplies and the dangers of drought. Unfortunately, the rainy season also often makes your activities delayed, including in terms of gardening. Because indeed, not all plants can withstand high rainfall. However, leaving plants indoors alone is also dangerous for these plants. There are some things you should pay attention to when you start gardening in the rainy season like now. Caring for plants in the rainy season is the most important things you need to do.¬†For plants that are in the garden, make sure you provide a path for water flow. In this way, the water will not clog up and inundate your plants. Don’t forget to check the waterways, sewers, or sewers around your house. Also, prune your plants frequently during the rainy season with the help from tree services perth. This pruning helps to reduce micro humidity in plants.

Prune young leaves that grow into the stems of plants. You also need to avoid spoilage. When it rains, you also need to slightly reduce the planting medium. This reduction aims to avoid decaying the roots and stems. Later, when the dry season arrives, you can add more planting media. You also still need to provide fertilizer for your plants. A fertilizer application is relatively easy so there is no reason to “skip” this process. You only need to bury the fertilizer in the planting medium as far as 15 cm from the stem of the plant. This fertilizer will dissolve by itself when exposed to rain.

Don’t forget to make the soil soft and weed. This aims to improve soil properties and porosity. Finally, make sure you place your plant pots above the ground level. Its function is to prevent plants from standing water. By avoiding standing water, the park will also be spared from decay. To avoid unwanted damage you probably want to remove a big tree and you could ask the professional tree service to do it for you.

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