Tips on Creating a Video Explainer

If you want to follow the development of the world of marketing and online advertising, then you should immediately make a promotion in the form of the video if it is still not used. However, making the video easy-easy, especially if you have not found the appropriate tools with the capacity and ability. If you have any you have to make a perfect concoction to make it more delicious. If you are having difficulty making an attractive promotional video, you can visit the website of Explainer Video Singapore. And we will be happy to help you. The promotional video must be sell. Because if not, it’s the same as a bad text or picture. Whatever it is, it will never be maximized.

Explainer or explain video is one form of promotion where we present business and offer to the audience. And this is a fun and accepted way for many audiences around the world. Here are 5 tips to make a video expletive:

1. Duration
Ideally 1-2 minutes. Do not be too short and not too long. Videos that are too short will provide users with incomplete information, while extended videos will make people bored.

2. Copywriting
A good video explains should pay close attention to copywriting or ads copy. Combine well with effective sentences, explanations, persuasions, and call to action into a compelling copywriting.

3. Text
Because we want the audience to read, then note the use of fonts. Wear good fonts, do not just new times roman only. You should also pay attention to 100% perfect text (without a typo, spelling mistakes, etc.) as well as proper punctuation. Use question marks (?) And exclamation points (!) To give emotions and tones to the text you create.

4. Intro and outro
Open and close your videos with logos, brands, brands, and mottoes. Will look much more professional. You can choose a lot of slides intro and outro to choose from to customize with your logo or business name.

5. Music
Find a nice to hear and match the mood in the video. Wrong giving music can make the audience disappointed and suffering.