Use Business Email for Your Business Needs

Many business people don’t use business email for their needs. They do not need to be afraid to verify the emails they make because there is a bulk email verifier service that can be used to simplify their work. In fact, with business email, they are more easily aware of the development of their business and can more easily reach the target of marketing. Below are the advantages of business e-mail that can be considered for you novice business people clearout.

Business email can be accessed on all devices.
Like free public email, business email can be accessed through a browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.). Then accessed via smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers using email programs such as outlook, mac mail, thunderbird or email applications belonging to Android, iPhone and Windows Phone. The server provider has the settings. Contact them.

Business email can be set up using POP3 or IMAP technology. POP3 is when the total email data will be downloaded to the storage device (smartphone, laptop/computer). While IMAP is a technology to copy email data from a server to a device. So the email data is still stored in the email server storage.

You can create many short and professional business e-mail names.
When you create a public e-mail (free), you can only get one e-mail address and inbox Have, that’s all your inbox. What if you have lots of staff and divisions so that each of you must have an email?
If you continue to use public email, you will create another email and the name may belong, such as yourbusiness.accounting@gmail,, etc.

If you have a lot of sales marketing, are you willing to communicate the business using their personal email? What if they resign? You have the potential to lose many customers who were communicating with your staff.
With business email, you can create unlimited email addresses for you and staff from various business divisions. Of course, with a short name. Such as marketing@yourbusiness, accounting@yourbusiness, staffname@yourbusiness, staffname@yourbusiness.
All you have to do is prepare the rule that all email communication must use a business email. Then all business communications become your digital assets.

Business control is in your hands.
Control means not to interfere, but rather the oversight function of your business communication. If your business has 10 email addresses in its communication then you can see the flow of communication in it. The trick is to forward 10 e-mail addresses to one parent e-mail where only you can access.

If the 10 business email addresses consist of accounting, sales, marketing, production, then you can monitor their performance. Example if you want to see the performance of 3 of your sales staff. Give each business email name for them, for example, andi@yourbusiness, edy@yourbusiness, and putu@yourbusiness. Each business with business cards.
You just need to set up 3 email sales forwarded to your own business email as the owner. Then you just see how much they get emails from consumers. Obviously, most contact can be the most productive in its sales activities.