Causes motor horn not functioning

The horn can be interpreted as a marker if the vehicle user will overtake the driver in front or as a means of communication between fellow motorists. If the horn does not function, it will greatly disturb the driver, moreover we often use the horn as a communication tool. So having the best motorcycle horn is the best choice.

The function of the horn is very vital for a vehicle. Without a horn, the potential for a collision will be even greater. Therefore, the horn must be maintained so that its function is always good. What if the horn sound is getting smaller or even already mute alias? In conditions like this, you can just immediately replace it with new parts in the workshop. But, it would be better if you trace the cause of the horn first.

To track the horn, you don’t need to go to the garage. You can track it yourself by paying attention to 4 important things that usually cause the horn to not want to sound. Here are 4 things:

– Look at the condition of the battery

The battery is the source of power from the horn. A poor battery will certainly make the horn not want to sound. The characteristics of the soak battery include, in addition to the horn that does not want to sound or sound smaller than usual, is the lamp that is not as bright as usual or the starter time becomes longer and even cannot be electrically starter at all.

– Check the horn cable

After checking the battery, the other step is checking the cable that is directly connected to the horn. Typically, the horn consists of two cables, namely a mass cable and an electric cable. If one or both of them come loose, then of course the horn won’t sound.

– Check platinum bolts

In addition to cable, platinum bolts behind the horn are often the cause of the horn not wanting to sound. The position of the bolt that changes due to overuse or impact can make the horn not sound. If this is the case, all you have to do is open the lock nut with pliers, then rotate the bolt with a screwdriver so that the position is restored. To make it more fitting, the bolt adjustment is done while pressing the horn button.

– Check the condition of the switch

The last part to look at is the condition of the horn switch on the handlebar. The function of the switch can be interrupted because of rust or dirt. You must remove the switch housing from the motor handlebar first, then clean it using fine sandpaper or with rusty liquid.