Avoid Mites From Your Kids

You might have to remember, how often did your child get sick in the past month? If the answer is often, you should immediately double-check the cleanliness and health of the bedroom. Unclean bedrooms can trigger some health problems for your child. Although it looks clean, it could be on the mattress, pillow or blanket Little was infested by some bed bugs or mites that interfere Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches. Also, make sure if your house carpet is clean because your child may often play on the carpet or lay down on the carpet. To make it easier to ensure, you can try the services of Rug Cleaning Northern Beaches that can make your carpet clean and comfortable for reuse.

Bed bugs or mites are eight-legged animals that are so small that they cannot be seen in plain sight. Mites can produce 20 impurities that can crumble to dust. This is what then causes allergies to the skin of the Little One.

Allergy to mites can cause eight times more asthma attacks in children, than any other cause of asthma. About 30% of children and adults are allergic to dust, asthma, colds, and itching due to mites. Not only allergic, but mites can also have different bite effects. Usually, the bite of a mite will cause reddish swelling on the skin accompanied by itching.

In certain cases, the bite of a mite can even make the skin feel itchy to hot and runny. If so, at least it takes about 1 to 3 weeks the bite of the mite healed. There are several ways you can do when a child’s skin is irritated by mites.

First, don’t scratch irritated skin. Because it can make infection and leave black marks on the skin. Instead of scratching it, you better stick cotton that has been moistened with water on the irritated skin. This will slowly have a calming effect and relieve itching to some extent.

Second, take a shower immediately and clean the irritated skin with antiseptic soap to sterilize it. Remember, you should use cold water instead of warm water. So that the itching does not return and increase.

Third, if the irritated skin still feels itchy, you can use antihistamine drugs such as loratadine or cetirizine and calamine lotion to reduce it.

Fourth, do not hesitate to consult a doctor immediately if the irritated skin does not heal. That way, the doctor can ascertain the cause of the complaint and choose the right therapy for your child.

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