How To Maintain Handmade Carpet

Handmade carpet could make the room in your house look more beautiful and lively but to clean it could be a little tricky that is why you need to use the Carpet Cleaning Northern Beaches service because they are the professional that will know exactly what to do to make your carpet clean and preserve the look water damage restoration north shore. For handmade carpet it is important the ultimate care is needed. Nevertheless, indeed there is no benchmark when and how often handmade carpets must clean. That really depends on how often the carpet is used and exposed to dirt. In general, cleaning a handmade carpet can be done by sweeping it with a broom stick or electric broom specifically for the carpet. Remember, also clean the back and floor under the carpet. Be careful if you use a vacuum cleaner to clean handmade carpets. Regular use of vacuum cleaners can make carpet knots stretch or even make the thread torn. Also, don’t use a rough brush.

To clean it yourself at home, you can mix half a cup of carpet-specific shampoo with four and a half cups of warm water. Also, add one teaspoon of vinegar to prevent the color from getting runny. Handmade carpets should not be washed with detergent. It also may not be inserted into a washing machine or spin dryer. Place the carpet spread on a flat surface. Soak the broom in the cleaning fluid and gently brush it with a vertical motion to the carpet. Start from one side, sweep up and down repeatedly. Try to do it with the same pressure. After sweeping it vertically, continue horizontally. If possible, dry the carpet in a heated room. You can hang it out but not more than two days of exposure to sunlight. Do not put anything on it until the carpet is completely dry. The wool carpet is prone to the moth attacks. Dark areas of the carpet need to be suspected as a sign of the presence of moths. This animal used to eat wool. For that, new carpets need to be given insecticides.

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